Make it happen!!!!


You know how this is: sometimes your lucky, and you have a near 85% going for you… other times, there’s not even a 10% percent working on your favor.

You just got to keep on going. Fill the tank, AGAIN: get into shutdown when necessary and then get up and conquer the world.

This is fibromyalgia: you decide how to keep the ride and push the buttons… and hey, if you can not control them, just let go; enjoy and keep taking notes. Maybe you don’t see the fun in this right now, or the reason to be relax about it: but when time passes and you realize that you made it, it becomes quite a ride to remember.

Yours truly, and keep sharing: people need to know you, and what you’re going trough, especially the ones that lived with you. If it can be a little difficult for you to explain: blame me and my ‘silly and confused writings’.


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